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Ok, so its been a tough 2014. There has been a lot of sickness and drama in my family and to be honest I am surprised as we are generally a healthy bunch so this past year has really made us look into a healthier way of living. Not just for me but the kids and hubby too.

I am a qualified personal fitness trainer though I have not practised for years. I’m telling you this because it’s who I am – healthy and sporty. In sight of the past year though I would have to say ” where is that person?” Its been hell but I am now in a mind space where I can start regaining a bit of my old self and life-loves and start oozing that onto my kids and family. Not a new years resolution (I hate those) Just a decision to be healthy in all ways I can.

Want to start this with me? Lets journey~!! xx

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Herbalife Challenge – Day 1

h4- reshapehealthtechcomHi All. Its been so, so long. So much has happended .

I am now using this blog as a diary and am encouragement for the “new me” challenge. I know the cliche of new year resolutions and I am not one who does that. So this is not one of those. Its more of a journey I am sharing of what i have been through and coming out of and how I am doing it! (more on that later)

But for now, welcome to my thoughts and my journey on a healthier (and happier) me.

Day 1 – Herbalife challenge

I have started the Herbalife challenge , which isĀ  my own ‘name’ for it. Its the start of a healthier me. So today was the first day and im feeling quite normal about it. Not overly excited but also ready for change.

This is what I have started on:



The Herbalife Shake and the Multivitimans Complex.

{ pic souce – herbalife, reshape healthtech }


Hello everyone. I am so sorry for the few posts lately. Its been a crazy time! But things should look up from here. And with this Issue of Crush, it sure does look amazing never mind up!

Enjoy Issue 19

Crush Issue 18

Once again Crush has some mouth-watering dishes and foodie info for everyone’s taste. Check it out.


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