Normally I’m quite happy with the meals at Kauai, because you know they try to be healthy as best they can and you know their portion size is just right and flavours do make you happy, but today my experience at Kauai Umhlanga was quite bad. They seemed really busy, so I can understand the rush to meet all the empty tummy’s needs, but stale food is a no-no.

The manager, I could see was rushing and hurrying the staff. I felt that if the manager had rather encouraged the staff and smiled at them, they might have made the meal with more love.

Instead, they were given the opposite response, leaving them panicked & hurried. We could all see how busy they where and most people would understand the lunch time rush. In the end I received my rock hard Avo&Cheese sandwhich, and ended up eating the filling instead. Not having the time to return it and wait again.

Anyway, note to all managers, your staff are your product so be nice-even under pressure!

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