Where is my mind?



Can I run the Shape 10km? You bet I can. That is if I put my mind right, keep “practicing” and ensuring that my joints get use to that distance.

Do I want to do all that? Not really. The idea of early morning runs in winter never mind the afternoon gallops seems like torture. So stop moaning about my weight and fitness…right?

I’m all for being fit and healthy and keeping a good head about the weight matter. But it’s extremely hard to keep up that motivation platform while trying to work, relax, have family time and have fun in life!  

I realize through many years of being interested in fitness that it’s our mind sets that needs to change to meet that goal. The more I see people or hear people trying to reach that ideal weight or fitness level the more it’s confirmed that it’s a psychological battle, not so much an eating battle. So…have I run once to train for this 10 km run? Yes, twice to be exact. I don’t feel ready, not one bit.

 Let us take the daunting feeling away shall we: realize that it’s your own fault if you make the run seem as big as a monster.

Let us start by seeing ourselves for who we are: we are not Zola Budd, we are Debra, a woman keen to try to challenge herself…BECAUSE it’s always good for the mind, body and soul to reach a goal.

Let us start by releasing that pressure: if I don’t honestly feel ready for the run, then I won’t do it. But I have decided to give it a shot and my ultimate aim is to reach that level of fitness whether I run the 10km’s or not. So I will train anyway.

 I’ll be keeping you posted. I invite you to do it with me? The more motivators you have the better. Thank you Claire for you continual motivations in this run…let us hope I kick my own butt and join you in June. 😉

Read the article What Can Running Do for You, it’s a great read.

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