Carbs anyone?

There are a lot of controversial feelings on a carb free diet or lifestyle to one that includes carbohydrates, never mind encourages it. Many people have asked me what to do and many simply believe it’s the only way to stay healthy and loose weight, I have told them all that it’s an individual decision that your body usually tells you.
I for one, LOVE carbs. I’m a pasta lover! But I know that I know that carbohydrates do not agree with me. The minute i stop bread,pasta, rice, even brown rice, my weight and all-round feel of my body improves dramatically. I’m extremely fatigued after carbs and crave chocolate by 3 pm if I have carbs for lunch.

You see, each person relates to different foods. Some can expect headaches and tiredness as well as an irritated mood swing with no carbs and yet other bodies stop the intake of carbohydrates with ease. Your body, NOT your mind, tells you what foods you react positively with and what foods you react negatively with.

On that note, I will add that even with our individualistic reactor system to carbohydrates, in a weight loss situation it is imperative that we cut out anything that causes insulin production and fat storage. We need to eliminate all sugar forming ingredients as well as bad fat producers. So, that is why once again, I always say moderation and self depending.

Tell me about your carb dilemma? Can you do with dramatically cutting them down?

Ill be writing more about this subject, so stay tuned!

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