Run because you love it


On Monday Cindy took me for a run. I have not run in ages and to be honest the Spar 10km Run I posted about before was a total write off! I never trained for it. I never ran as they advised and never built my endurance. I just carried on with the boot camp training but that won’t help with running 10 km’s.

But I was encouraged to run from Pirates Beach to Ushaka in the stormy wind on a beach front (hello resistance) and even though I seriously wanted to vomit at stages, especially going against the wind, I had a fantastic motivator and she got us right to the end and I FEEL GREAT!

Being a swimmer myself, running was never my thing. I have though secretly loved the idea of being a good runner, being alone, wind in your hair, heart rate pumping, legs shaking but you know they getting stronger and once you press past that breaking point, that feeling of being able to run forever, defiantly makes me excited.

I don’t think you should do any sport if you don’t like it or not motivated to do it because then it becomes a struggle or a pain and does not give you the desired effect you craving…BUT I will suggest that you try everything first, because you never know when a sport or training method suites you best if you have not tried it out. My encouragement this mid-week is to go out there and give it (a new sport or even the old one) a go. But I would give it 4 weeks of trying because that gives your body enough time to show progress and endurance or it will tell you it’s not for you.

Happy training!

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