Boot Camp + Beach training

Yes, I know, the words Boot Camp seems like a place you might end up in an army uniform crawling under net and sloshing through mud pits…sound fun right? Well have no fear, because even though this Boot Camp is just as effective it caters for all levels of fitness all methods of exercise. From boxing, sprints, core work and self challenges to endurance running, stretching, laughter and sweat!

The variety of the exercises allows your body to be challenged but the consistency of the training forms an increase of fitness and self-awareness.

I LOVE it and I recommend it.

If you are in the Durban area and would like to join a group of people, men and women, then please comment below and I will give you her contact details. It is on Mondays at 5pm at pirate’s beach, Wednesday 5pm at pirate’s beach and Fridays at 4.15pm at Virginia football field. 1 x session costs R50 and you pay upfront for the month which qualifies you for fitness assessment and target discussion.

Bonus is that you are trained by a personal trainer and get the effect of one on one but at a cheaper rate. It’s not just any group training.

Go on…you know you want to…..

Photo from SoundAdvice

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