Does this picture amp you up or what!? Cross Fit Games is my new inspiration!!!

These games are designed to find the “ fittest on earth.” Held in California and now all around the world, these grueling activities rule out the fit from the super-fit, the determined from the strong-willed. The different workouts change each year so it is a challenge that sparks on-the-ball concentration and endurance levels. Strength training being just as important.

What is Cross Fit About?
“CrossFit is an evidence-based fitness program. We define fitness as increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains. Capacity is the ability to do real work, which should be measurable. Life is unpredictable (much more so than sport), so real world fitness must be broad and not specialized. Our workouts are designed to maximize this broad, inclusive fitness.”

I will be honest and say that what they said above is exactly how I enjoy training. Not in the gym but real fitness challenges like climbing the wall and running while carrying bunch of groceries….or a rice sack!

Read more about what it’s about here and how to it all works here.

There are strict rules so that each movement is done at the best and safest fitness position to qualify for the next workout, read about it here.

Call me crazy but I like their style! More about the CrossFit Games to come…watch this space.