It’s in the simple things

Even the most basic day-to-day movements can do wonders for your body. For instance, climbing the stairs instead of taking the lift!
Gardening and painting, hand stands, getting up to switch off the TV instead of using the remote and running after your children!!!
Don’t take for granted that you are ale to be active without thinking much about it.

It’s a very lame excuse, saying you have “no time” to be active. You can do it by simply doing day to day chores.
If the shop is round the corner TAKE A WALK!
If there is a parking far from the malls doors, WALK!
If your phone rings and you on the other side of the room, RUN!

Remember that raising your heart rate, in a safe way, is good! So next time you feel lazy and don’t want to take your dog for a walk, think of your heart and how much it does for you and how important it is to exercise. A little energy burning does your body good.


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