Why Stretch?

Why is stretching important?
Because it helps prepare your body for the effects of exercise and it helps prevent your muscles from tightening and becoming sore.
It helps keep mobility when you are older and it also helps with circulation.

Stretching will increase your flexibility, it improves the range of motion which helps keep you mobile. If you are older, it helps prevent you from falling. For a fit person, it prepares your muscle to endure a workout and to recover without much pain.

Because stretching improves circulation, it helps your blood flow to your muscles which in turn helps recover them after an injury.
It reduces muscular tension and enhances development of body awareness.

Once you stretch you feel more supple and you feel more relaxed, whether you have done an exercise workout or just stretched because you are feeling tight or have an injury.
Don’t miss out on stretching. Always be aware that you muscles and tendons need guidance and support before and after they are used.


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  1. skin tag removal products Hiya, I really enjoy this domain. Very much helpfull information and facts. Thanks for sharing it with us. All the best!

  2. ~mimo~ says:

    Living in China, I see older people stretch outdoors every day and in every weather 🙂

    1. Debra says:

      Thats so awesome!

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