Healthy Living becomes who you are

Ok, so its been a tough 2014. There has been a lot of sickness and drama in my family and to be honest I am surprised as we are generally a healthy bunch so this past year has really made us look into a healthier way of living. Not just for me but the kids and hubby too.

I am a qualified personal fitness trainer though I have not practised for years. I’m telling you this because it’s who I am – healthy and sporty. In sight of the past year though I would have to say ” where is that person?” Its been hell but I am now in a mind space where I can start regaining a bit of my old self and life-loves and start oozing that onto my kids and family. Not a new years resolution (I hate those) Just a decision to be healthy in all ways I can.

Want to start this with me? Lets journey~!! xx

(pic source: health for america)


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