Writing this blog has always been a heart beat for me. However I have never had the time to truly sit and write about what goes on in my head when it comes to fitness and health.

I sit here, a mother of two young children. They are 3 and 4 years old and since having our first child, my life seemed to change (as they always say it does )

We then went and had my second child within 1 year of the first child and to say it has been a MAD 3 years since then is an understatement. I didn’t have the energy to write my Creative blog, never mind This blog.

I found out I had an over active thyroid. I tried Banting diet and failed and put on more weight. I also got high cholesterol and weird skin dryness…Everything slowed down from my speech to my limbs. I had no time to exercise never mind have the energy. To explain my recent world in 1 word I would say “surviving”. I became emotional, depressed, angry and so, oh so fatigued. The ‘failing mom’ notion was a real emotion and I was slipping into a crazy zone of life….

Having worked as a personal trainer in the fitness industry and after being fit my whole life, current state was nothing but a HUGE disappointment;  leaving me feeling down and out. My story is not over yet, but it is getting better as i make the right choices and as I give myself grace… Get the right medical care and also seek the Kingdom in the promises that are given to us.

Health Stream is about motivating you to being comfy in your own skin, doing the best for your body and enjoying looking after yourself. It is to inspire, encourage, give wisdom & tips. It is a place you can share your frustrations and your triumphs. This is my victory blog. A place I can share everything I had been through and will still go through. Its time to get back into things. Its time again to be me!

Feel free to contact us on debbie.dacanha@gmail.com, should you have any response, stories, testimonies, ideas or recipes and we will be happy to credit you.

Welcome to Health Stream!


the younger me… what would i write to myself now?

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