Absolute Health

I think it’s important to know the right people. Especially in the health industry where there is a lot of information blasted through the internet and TV. It can be very overwhelming and I have experienced this overload first hand. It ends up being dispiriting and not encouraging!
That is why I am first handed , giving you a very important contact. Her products not only stem from 100% pureness but also from her 100% commitment in giving people the RIGHT PRODUCTS that are good for you. That’s her heart. So I’ll let you hear it from horse’s mouth instead of mine. Please meet Cindy. An expert in health and fitness and who now sells awesome healthy products.



Our Story


I am a Personal Trainer, Sports Coach, Group Fitness Trainer, Almost Nutritionist (1 exam to go), Wife, Food Lover, Dancer, General fitness fanatic and so incredibly passionate about helping people on their journey to health and wellness.  My heart is to educate and encourage people to make healthy food choices and help them realise a lifestyle change is not as difficult as it may seem with the right tools at their disposal.

The idea for Absolute Health started when I read about the Paleolithic (Paleo) Diet in a fitness blog and it really got me thinking about the quality of food we were eating. On this eating plan we had to cut out wheat, gluten, dairy, sugar, legumes, grains, alcohol, soy , anything with preservatives and any processed food.   I did a bit of research and managed to convince my husband to try the Paleo way of eating  for a month.

We headed off to the supermarket only to discover that we could only shop in 2 aisles as the others were packed with products containing wheat, gluten, sugar (in various forms), preservatives and additives.  We were also horrified to realise how many products contained GMO ingredients.

We managed to get a few things at the health shops and the rest at our local farmers markets but in all honesty, it was quite a taste adjustment but we persevered and started feeling really great,  we had an abundance of energy and were just loving life, so we continued.

After a few months, I got my clients to try this way of eating but a few problems popped up.  They found the food was way too bland and also didn’t have the time to go all over town looking for ingredients and then making everything from scratch.

To remove this problem and make it easier for them to stick to their eating plan, I started sourcing ingredients for them and making food items to reduce the time they spent in the kitchen.  This was a great success and my clients started seeing amazing results and were feeling much better too.  And so Absolute Health began:)

Our Vision

My vision for Absolute Health is to create a one stop shop for natural alternatives to commercially bought products.  To make it easy and convenient to change your lifestyle, cutting out products full of harmful chemicals, additives and preservatives, refined food and GMO products. I highly value life and the beauty of each individual and aim to create a positive difference in your life in assisting you to achieve and maintain absolute health.

Our Promise

To only stock products that are preservative free and additive free, non-GMO and organic wherever possible.  I believe in supporting local businesses and am constantly on the lookout for new and exciting products to give you the widest range of products to choose from .



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